Christian International non-governmental Organisations at the Council of Europe
Les Organisations internationales non-gouvernementales Chrétiennes  au Conseil de l'Europe

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Welcome to the CINGO website. The CINGO is a group of thirty Christian INGOs that belong to the INGO Conference of the Council of Europe. With their different origins they take part in the work of the Commissions and working groups of the Conference. They welcome the contribution and analysis  of other INGOs, while also making a particular contribution from the basis of their own convictions.

The INGOs meet several times a year,
in cooperation with other specialist INGOs, so as offer a better understanding of a project or of work programmes . In addition INGOs that belong to the CINGO are involved in other meetings organised by the council of Europe as well as in meetings arranged at the impetus of INGOs with participative status at the Council of Europe.

Documents by partenaires on behalf of the Églises
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Statement by the COMECE Bishops on a competitive social market economy and the EU
information on the CINGO, their groupings and their work together. Click here


Meeting in June 2011 :
A document on individual and collective dignity

reports on activities in which INGO members of the CINGO are engaged. Click here


pages that present the Council of Europe's White Paper on Intercultural Dialogue.
The White Paper was adopted by the Committee of Ministers in 2008. Click here

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