The CINGO brings together thirty intergovernmental Christian organisations that are members of the INGO conference of the Council of Europe. The INGO Conference, the members of which have participative status, work in civil society, is a pillar of the quadrilogue of the Council of Europe, together with the Committee of Ministers, the Parliamentary Assembly and the Conference of Local and Regional Authorities.

The INGOs that are members of the CINGO bring their competence, together with current knowledge of civil society. They are of Christian Inspiration, but their knowledge and their contribution are freely available to everyone. They take part in commissions and working groups and they value the contribution and the ideas of INGOs whatever their standpoint, while contributing to the wellbeing of individuals in civil society.

During each session (2 per year), or at other gatherings, they meet or take part in the debate so as to enhance the discussion, especially on a particular subject or theme.

The CINGO, with its Catholic majority, welcomes other INGOs of Christian inspiration with the aim of representing the divsersity and cultural, religious or confessional wealth of civil society.

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Christian International non-governmental Organisations present at the Council of Europe

Orangisations Internationales non-gouvernementales chrétiennes présentes au Conseil de l'Europe 
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We are developing a new website. For information about the CINGO's earlier activities we invite you to visit our archive which covers activites since 2008.
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