Family and marriage

Within the national and international institutions the year 2013 saw much debate on discussion about questions related to society.

The Churches, like the INGOs made their contribution.

The report of the working group "Religions and Human Rights »  (the Human Rights Commission) like the debates about "marriage for all" (France)  led to a process of reflection by Christian INGOs repreented at the Council of Europe. Time was made available for discussion. A number of texts such as those produced by the churches were shared in the process.

 As a reminder the articles were about the theme :

In the European Convention on Human Rights :

Article  8  :  The Right to respect for private and family life.

Article 12 : The right to marry.

In the European Social Charter :

Article 16 :  the family a fundamental component of society ; the right to social, legal and ecnomic protection to ensure full development.

Marriage for all 
The context in Europe today 

Marriage for all : aspects of the debate :